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【Membership Introduction】

ARPA aims to provide a global platform for professionals in risk,compliance and internal control related fields to get access to the up-to-date industry insights,education resources and best practices,helping you learn and get qualified for the professional roles in the fields aforementioned.
【Individual Members】
Membership Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree or above
2. Applicants for taking ARPA international certificates and exams
Membership Rights and Benefits:
1. Knowledge:Get access to the latest industry insights,reports and information timely
2. Qualification:Obtain systematic certification training:learn and master the international standards,regulatory requirements,systematic compliance theories and best industry practices

 【Certified Members】
Membership requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree or above
2. Pass the exams and get the certificate awarded by ARPA
3. Complete 20 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD) annually to ensure the professional standard and working ethics required by this designated title
Membership Rights and Benefits:
1. All rights and benefits of individual members (as above)
2. Recognition:ARPA International Certificates demonstrate the highest standard widely recognized in the financial industry,particularly in the niche areas,such as financial risk,compliance and internal control
3. Network:Through our shared platform,you can expand your communication circles and increase more contacts with similar professional minds
4. Job opportunities:For the large demand of professionals in compliance and internal control,you will be more qualified and more competitive in such niche job markets
5. A higher level of professional ethics:you are ensured to receive a continuing education on high standards of professional ethics and conduct through CPD every year
【Honorary Members】
Membership requirements:
This prestigious title is on invitation basis and specially awarded to the most distinguished professionals that have made enormous contributions in terms of risk, compliance and internal control professional communities worldwide
Membership Rights and Benefits:
1.Qualified for participation in ARPA Exam Committee and ARPA Journals Editorial Board
2.Qualified for invitations to international conferences, forums and seminars organized by ARPA and its CPD and ATP Partners   

【ARPA® Employers List】

For more details about ARPA️® membership, please contact members@arpa-global.org