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【Important Notice】
ARPA International Certified Compliance Manager (ICCM)
Exam Date | December 24 (Saturday), 2022
【Certificate Introduction】

Asia-Pacific Risk Professionals Association(ARPA)officially launched"ARPA®International Certified Compliance Manager(ICCM)" in 2019, which strictly follows the international framework of the Basel Banking Supervision Committee's “Compliance and Bank Internal Compliance Department”, combined with the educational standard and the best industry practices of financial compliance management set by ARPA. This certificate mainly aims at the professionals in compliance and related posts at financial services and other personnel who may be interested in the field. It comprehensively evaluates compliance theory, regulatory policies and operational practices, in terms of generic compliance management, compliance review and practice, monitoring and inspection, reporting and MIS, anti-money laundering management, compliance management of overseas branches and non-bank subsidiaries, etc. This certificate requires the ICCM members to complete 20 hours CPD studies every year on a mandatory basis.
【Examination Overview】
• Certificate Name: ARPA®International Certified Compliance Manager (ICCM)
• Examination Language: English/Chinese
• Examination Candidates: Professionals in compliance and related posts (such as risk, internal control, audit, legal and operations) at financial services and other personnel who may be interested in the field
• Examination Duration: 2 hours (four times a year, March, June, September and December) 
• Examination Format: Computer based test (paper based test, subject to internet access at some low-GDP countries)
• Types and Number of Questions: 150 Multiple questions (objective types)
• Exam Prep Materials: Designated textbooks, practices, & Sample Exam Questions (ATP offers extra trainings upon the request)
• Continuing Professional Development (CPD): 20 hours/year (Optional) provided by ARPA designated CPD providers
【Examination Content】
Module 1: Foundation of Compliance Management
Module 2: Framework of Compliance Management
Module 3: Compliance Review and Supervision
Module 4: Compliance Risk Monitoring
Module 5: Compliance Inspection
Module 6: Compliance Reporting 
Module 7: Anti-Money Laundering Management
Module 8: Overseas Branches and Subsidiary Compliance Management
Module 9: Compliance Training and Cultural Construction Of Commercial Banks
Module 10: Compliance Management Information System
Module 11: Commercial Bank Compliance Practice
Module 12: Analysis Of Compliance Cases Of Commercial Banks
【Application Process】
1. For all application enquiries: Enroll@arpa-global.org;
2. Fees and Payments:
• Fees include registration, examination, textbook, practices, sample questions, certificate, delivery and tax (subject to countries);
• Please contact ARPA Certification Office for fees & payment details;
3. ARPA Certification Office will post the examination related materials upon the receipt of Exam Registration Form and Fees;
4. ARPA Certification Office will inform the candidates to print their Admission Tickets 10 working days before the examination;
5. Candidates are required to bring the valid ID and the printed Admission Ticket to the examination room 30 minutes in advance;
6. Candidates will receive the exam results and the printed certificate (if passed) within 20 working days after examination;
7. Candidates can attend optional 20 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year after the certificate issuance.